Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour de Fabulous

It Tour time again and it been on in our house daily. With several showings a day, and our DVR recording non-stop, its hard to not miss whats going on over in France. I have gotten into watching it more that usual this year. I am not sure if its the hype between Lance and Alberto for team leader, or....the HD picture with such great scenery, or the fact that Lance is back out of retirement to "Ride for the Cure". All makes for FABULOUS viewing and good excuses, to have it on while stretching, cleaning, putting mounds of laundry away, writing schedules, or paying bills.

Speaking of scenery, there is a lot of good eye candy to look at. The mountains, and European cities almost make me want to go do one of those Tour/spectator trips. There are also very cool bikes which are fun to check out. Some I've never heard of, some newer versions of already familiar brands. Also.. cool uniforms (whats with the argyle theme though?, 2 teams with argyle uniforms at least they aren't wearing argyle compression socks) Last, but not least, very fit men in spandex. I'll say no more.

I did a long ride today. A ride long enough to remind me why I am not doing Ironman. I had a lot of time to think about my most FABULOUS favs. from this year's tour.


Road Bike: Scott/Team Columbia High Road or the Specialized team SaxoBank

TT set up (the whole package/uniform/ helmet etc): Team Astana

Euro. finishing town: Andora

Uniform: Caisse/ D'Epargne black and red of Luis Sanchez

Fit man in spandex: 170+ to pick from can't decide

Favorite commentator: Phil Ligget of course

If you've been watching, what are your favorites?


Carmen said...

Oui...Oui...I am totally into the Tour....
Can’t decide on bikes...too many ...too sexy...but maybe TREK...bcause I have one...Specialized...yummy too.
Team Uniform: concur with you ...definitely cool Caisse D’Epargne...Cofidis in red...for color...There is a blue one that I like too...can’t remember the team...
Fit man in for me Levi... I will see who I spot tomorrow...
Ligget is it ...on the voice and mic.
Towns, partial to the Pyrenees...Andorre La Vieille, Gerone...Barcelone...

Carmen said...

By the way, if it is of any consolation...HDTV shows all.
I saw Lance's white hair...never saw it so long...and in such a close up shot...He is human!