Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That time of here

My post workout Ice Bath

Last year at this time I was injured......and trying to "train through" just so I could race at Nationals. The Steelhead "Duathlon" was the breaker on a leg that been nagging for awhile, but I turned a blind eye. And, I am someone who knows better. It is my profession to rehab and promote injury prevention. The result, a very bad day at a very big race :(

The Chicago Marathoners are into some big miles, the Madison, Kona, and frankly most Ironman athlets are into mega volume and its late in the season. Many have been training since January, and some never stopped after last season. They are starting pop up here and there, the injured athlete.... truly hurt on or edge. They are trickling into the clinic, I see them at workouts, and they find their way into my email, asking for help. "Please, I'll promise to stretch now, just make it go away!" They want to know what the magic shoe, recovery pill/ powder, number of days to just rest it....will fix the aching foot, knee hip shoulder etc.

Unfortunately there is no magic. It takes work just like the work to do the training and working out that gets your body into the state its in. It takes some work and dedication to unwind all the tightening and kinks from daily swimming biking and running. And a little rest every now and then helps. It takes a combination of strength and flexibility to keep the bod in check. Yesterday I helped at a track workout for the MSM kids who have qualified for Worlds. Unfortunately 1 athlete is hurt and had to spin on the trainer and do some core/strength work while the others ran. It is hard when all you've worked for and the race you're gunning for gets interrupted by an injury. The body isn't invincible, even at age 14, or 32, or 41.

The key is doing the work "BEFORE" the injury creeps up. Its easy to slack on the stretching, and core work, when all is well and things a clicking great. You're cranking out workouts, racking up miles and all is good. Until.... you feel that knee lock up in the middle of a run. Or, that pain in the foot when you step out of bed in the morning. Then it takes twice as long to get over, and you miss out on training.

This year I hired a personal trainer to help keep me honest with doing strength, (and to help get an old lady moving fast). It is old school in a basement, and super hard but has been effective. After last year and having my big race go in the pipes because of an ijury, I have doing more to prevent injury and stay strong. Plus I don't want to look like one of those bent over, slouching runners crossing the finish line because their core is so weak.

Be strong, and stay loose !

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