Thursday, August 20, 2009


Leaving Nationals Last Year....
This was the best part

With the end of summer, school starting, my race season coming to an end, my world seems like 1 big , fast transition.

Transitions in a race are part of the game. I have won races or beat out fellow competitors just by a few seconds, and the difference was...transitions. They are fast, and quick and part of the big picture. Every second counts. Sometimes you feel prepared for them and they go smoothly, other times, like early in the season you feel uncoordinated sloppy and spastic.

Last year I was injured, burnt out and couldn't wait for the season to end. I needed a break, and thought I wouldn't race triathlons this year. I was done in so many ways. Ha. Well fast forward 1 year and I have had so much fun training and racing, that now my last race is just over a week away and I am not burnt out, and am actually thinking and planning of some fun fall events to do before the arctic freeze sets in. I'll hang up (lovingly) my Scott Plasma tri bike(LOVE LOVE LOVE it!) for the fall, and winter and ride my BMC road frame, and my cyclocross bike. I'll keep running probably on trails more, and I probably swim even less than I am now (tsk tsk). I'll find the fun 5ks and 10ks, and maybe even attempt some cyclocross races. I'll have a little more down time to pay attention to all that stuff that gets left behind during the summer, that stuff that gets shoved in the closet, and pushed to the back burner.

This season itself was a transition for me. I wasn't gunning for any big Nationals Worlds, IM or 70.3. I was getting used to the idea of being ok with just doing some local races, and having the big goal just be....see how fast you can go. See how well you can do at these races. Its been enough to keep me motivated, in shape and having fun.

With the start of the school year, Jack begins first grade. Real School. I almost cried taking him to his summer camp at Kensington this week where he has gone for 3 years knowing he is almost done there, and will move on to the real deal next week. It will feel a little more stuck to a traditionals school schedule. With that comes a new schedule for me. Shorter days at work, but going in 4 x instead of 3, so I'll be able to be home when he is done with school. This also means no more day care cost (hooooray) and the ability to take him to whatever practice he is in, help with homework and me more time to be a better IRONMAIDEN.

For my athletes, many of their seasons are also coming to an end or, already have finished up there big races. I have such a great athletes, and they have done so great this year. Many have faced numerous challenges as we all do just to get to the starting line..... and cross it. Several athletes have finished first tri's ever, first 1/2 IM's ever, completed their first IM. Its been fun seeing so many of my athletes do great this year and overcome many ups and downs. But as I write their schedules, I am getting more and more athletes to start thinking about goals for next year as this season winds down, and they transition into a different phase of training.

Good Luck to all racing! upcoming.....Colin at Nationals and Steve at IM Canada. woop woop....go fast!

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CoachFreeb said...

RE those goals for you charges. They need to be set certainly before Thanksgiving. Good rule of thumb? Goals should be set two weeks after this year's BIG Goal event.

Keeps the mind focused and directed.

You Tri junkies need to keep engaged or you'll go crazy.