Saturday, September 26, 2009

Make it Count

For most of us triathlon season is done. Fall brings a little more time to do whatever it is we weren't doing all summer while swimming biking running, racing, and traveling to and from races. Off season activities for some may include:

~cleaning closets and cupboards
~attending Oktoberfest and sampling German beer
~tailgating at college football games
~picking apples and pumpkins
~vegging out on the coach doing nothing
~even continuing to train like crazy when its not necessary

Insert your favorite! All are quite honorable off season activities the midst of re-grouping, and re-charging it is good to take some time to think about the past season. What worked, what didnt, as well as what next year's ideal season would be. What can change to make the season better. Lets face it we spend an enormous amount of time, money, and energy training. Sacrifices are made by family and friends. Instead of going through the motions in workouts, training, thoughts about goals, make it count.

Some of what I've learned about goals comes from my Dad, (Coach Freeb) Cheryl Hart sports psychologist, and Thomo. I spend a lot of time writing great workouts for my athletes, encouraging and pushing them along, and want to see that they can do everything possible to achieve what they sacrifice, time, money sleep, sore muscles for.

Setting specific goals for your season is an effective way to increase the likeliness improving performance and achieving the desired outcome. Just thinking about some goals and keeping them to yourself, or talking amongst yourself inside your head likely doesn't make it real enough. The best thing you can do is write it down and share it with someone who cares as much as you do about your goals. It makes it real. Real enough to help:

~get you out of bed at 5 am on a cold dark morning
~lift weights even though you despise the thought
~push yourself harder on an interval even though it is hurting
~complete the workout or test set

insert what your least favorite/ you know what it is!

Fear is what holds athletes back from writing down their goals, or sharing them with those who care and will help. Being chicken and scared of failing holds us back. I've been there, it can be scary to find that your friend partner or coach may laugh at your goals. But really who cares. Get over yourself and set your standards high, write them down and share them with a coach, training partner, husband, mom or whoever is your greatest supporter.

If you are an athlete of mine, get to thinking about next year and what you want; I'm coming after you on this no excuses this year! If you're not, I still encourage you to set some goals and share them with someone!

In the meantime, enjoy some off season fun tailgating, sleeping in, buying Halloween candy, or saying yes to the night out.

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