Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010!

Last year's clinic; we were 2x as busy this year!

Welcome 2010, I am ready for you! As we say goodbye to 2009, I have no regrets. In fact it was a pretty incredible year for me in a ton of ways, beyond just triathlon My racing and training was good, I got myself into some pretty decent shape, on some short volume but sweet quality workouts. But getting a grip on what works for ME in order to make everything else work around the Zucco house and my life is what came out on top in 2009. Beyond that, I rarely like to look back, only forward!

2010 started out with an awesome dinner downtown with a couple of new clients we had never met before. At first I was stewing a bit about having to "work" on NY day, but a nice dinner in the city always helps! There's always an unknown to make dinner plans with a couple in the city you've never met before, however it was quite the opposite and we had a very awesome time with a very cool couple from IN who will be starting with us for coaching.

Jan 2. Trainingbible hosted a Tri-Clinic at Delnor Health and Wellness Center. This was an all inclusive/ comprehensive day in which athletes get to come get poked/ prodded/ and evaluated in the pool, on their bikes, running on the treadmill, hear some good talks, and given a physical therapy screen. Many of Trainingbible's great coaches were out spreading and sharing their knowledge. It was a long day, but I met some great athletes with great ambition for doing all they can to work towards reaching their goals. My job was to screen the athletes flexiblity, strength and foot mechanics. Yes, I was fried by the end of the day. We had double the amount of athletes as our inaugural event last year. But I made some interesting observations. Things I know well and preach consistently to the injured runners/ triathletes who come in for therapy, but it was so very obvious when checking out triathletes one after another.

Flexibility: poor in triathletes mostly in those who had been in the sport a while....hmmmm, take note everyone, get to stretching. Trust me it can help. You don't have to become a yogi guru and put your leg behind your head, but I challenged the athletes Sat. to stretch effectively (more than just a second or 2 against the wall, or pulling their foot back) Try it 3 -4 x a week for a month, and see if they felt any better in their workouts, or even just getting out of bed in the morning. If anything, you'll stand up taller!

Strength: weak glutes....medius to be exact. I see this and preach it constantly to the injured who come into the clinic with hip flexor, piriformis, ITB problems, or really...any biomechanical fault. When your butt is weak, you compensate, and can make anything down the chain unhappy.

Shoes: overkill with gigantic stability shoes and orthotics. This is not always necessary, especially if you keep your core strong, and muscles loose. Add to it some proper run form, and there is no need for the big shoes.

I'm still finalizing my race schedule for 2010. My plan is to keep it much the same as last year with maybe a few fun fillers!

Happy 2010 training, start now working towards your goal!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

WOO HOO! BRING ON 2010!!!! Looking forward to the new year! :)))