Thursday, January 28, 2010


Right now our basement is under consruction. We decided right before Christmas to finish it off. Our basement is big, so a huge portion is going to be a tv/game room and the other portion a workout room. Once its done it is going perfect for kids, games, and yes...indoor training. In the meantime, it has been challenging living with things upside down. All the Christmas stuff is boxed and piled up in the dining room, complete with fake Christams tree still standing (grrrr). The TM is out of commission for right now with all the work being done and the trainers...have come up stairs into the family room for riding! Decisions on paint, carpet, lights etc. is time consuming. Have you ever seen so many selections of carpet, and paint? So, you see my patience has been tested, but when its all done, it will be a bomb of a t.v and training room.

"Good things come to those who wait", We've heard this a million times and its true. The quick fixes, easy way outs, cutting corners..don't usually pay off with good return. Or if it does, it is usually short lived.

Recovering from injury take patience. I see it every day. Too often athletes who are injured want a quick fix just to make the pain go away and try all sorts of crazy things rather than really addressing the problem of why they might be injured. Working on tightness, or weakness takes time. Results aren't seen right away. It takes patience.

Getting faster takes patience, qualifying for Kona takes patience, getting stronger takes patience. Often athletes want these results in the first 3 months of being coached, or working towards a goal. It takes time and hard work. I read once that Kara Goucher was injured for 6 years at the start of her pro career!. Wow now look at her. She had to have a great deal of patience to overcome all those injuries and doubts.

So follow the plan, and don't cut corners just to check it off the list. Have patience and you will see the result you want.

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