Thursday, March 25, 2010



I'm not sure who Joseph Campbell is, but I like this quote. To achieve great things.... things that don't seem possible you have to make sacrafices, test the boundaries, break out of the comfort zone and ..yes enter that fearful cave from time to time.

Race season is really here. Many sacrafices are made along the way to finally get to race day. First race of the season, last race, A race, C race....they all take committment and sacrafice just to get to the starting line.

Sacrafices made along the road to success may include:

track workout with snow on the ground=sacrafice

holding the suit juice and calming pre race nerves=sacrafice

>Sleep: I know many athletes (including myself) who get up at the crack of dawn to fit in workouts around life...that is work, kids, spouse's training etc. And for those of us who aren't pro's who can come home and rest, there are no naps later in the day.

>Sweat: it takes consistent hard work, some serious sweat time to get fit and in race shape; you should see the puddle under my bike after indoor trainer sessions, and my laundry pile could talk

>Pain: it hurts sometimes to get fast on your feet, powerful on the bike and fluid in the water; you have to push yourself to new limits to make gains you're after; it doesn't come easy and it won't magically appear

>Patience: for some having patience is a sacrafice. They want immediate results..or the speed without the foundation, or the Ironman qualifying spot without the work. Patience and hard work will get you there.

>Limiters: lets face it no one is the perfect athlete and we all have weaknesses, find your weakness and address it. Its not fun doing drill after drill in the pool on a warm sunny day when it would be more fun to be outside if you exit the water at the back of the pack; or if your FTP on the bike is "girly like" then pump some iron and get some muscles

There are many more sacrafices we are all well aware of like the $$ that goes into the sport, time away from friends and family, and no ice cream before bed.

Those are obvious, but the ones less tangible or obvious similar to pain patience sweat limiters etc are what can make the difference between average and outstanding.

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CoachFreeb said...

And then there is "It's not what you get in the end that counts, It's what you become along the way."

Mom and I love what you have become and are becoming every day.

Good Luck this year.

Memphis in May is a month away!

My how that clock just keeps on ticking.