Monday, April 5, 2010

Road Trip South

Now that I have a first grader following a regular school schedule, I passed up on a couple of our usual late winter early spring training camps ( snif snif), to take time off at spring break. I was really looking forward to having a large chunk of time off work to train some, play some, and relax some. We decided to road trip to Adam's parents who live outside of Atlanta, so we loaded up, and drove 12.5 hrs south! I love road trips, plus who can pass up 12 + plus hours in a car with her husband strapped and seat belted in and no where to go! (ha ha j/k!) We had a great trip, beautiful perfect weather, and I managed to train, play and relax all in 1 trip!

The jammed tail bone from my crash has been on the mend. Prior to the trip I had gotten back out on some rides easy, without too much pain, but had definitely lost some zipp in my legs. Running is another story. Unfortunately I couldn't run a step without significant pain for almost 2 weeks. It has kept improving, but by the time we got to Georgia, I was hoping it would be feeling well enough to step it up with the running otherwise I think I would turn into all "roadie" for the season. We were about 1 hr north of Atlanta and it is very hilly as this area is part of the Appalachian Mountains. We set out 1 day to ride "6 Gap" which is part of the Tour of Georgia course. In places you could still see paint on the road cheering for Lance. This ride was tough. It leveled me flat. It was the hardest ride I have ever done, yes topping Mt. Lemmon climb, and topping Horrible Hilly! The climbs are steep like the 1 mile hard part of Gates Pass....that last for 7 miles long....and there were many...of these 6-7 mile steep climbs. We did 85 miles worth. I was cooked like the boiled peanuts we saw signs for everywhere. I love climbing on the bike but seriously by the end of this I was done! Add few swims and a few runs,( each one getting longer and a little faster) made for some good training.

I'm the boiled peanut


This area of Georgia where Adam's parents live is vacation like and in the hills. There are great hiking trails, play fields and all sorts of adventures. They did a great job entertaining Jack so I could go train a little, but I wanted to play with them too. We took a fun hike that cut through the woods and along a stream and ate lunch on a rock with with water rushing by. I am such a mountain girl, and love getting out in hill and trails. I miss not doing it regularly. Jack had done this hike once already and educated me on how to read the trail markers, explained various trees, and sites he had seen along the way. We also played Frisbee, flew some kites, and went to an Easter Egg hunt that looked like a mass swim start at an Ironman.


Just being able to wake up with an alarm, a list of things to accomplish, and an itinerary to get through the day makes for relaxing vacation. Enough said.

Big Canoe Georgia

Back home things seem to have been growing, plants are coming up, and the grass is turning green. Spring is in the air! I'm wondering if it is safe to put away the winter training clothes!

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