Sunday, April 25, 2010


I believe this is a big concert event in Chicago this summer, which sounds really fun, but its a cool sounding word.

My pity party with myself for being uber practical didn't last long, and I put my nose to the grindstone and had fatabuloso self induced training weekend, pretty much all solo except Saturday morning masters, even that was sparse because of state swimming and an early practice start time. Thankfully Angela was there to keep me moving.

A few other fantabuloso moments of the weekend:

> 1 killer track session complete with lost toe nail

> very windy long bike ride holding the wattages, without getting wet

> a girls dinner out at Za Za, to include dressing up and actually looking like a girl free of ponytails and spandex (rare)

> longest run I've done in weeks. I did get majorly downpoured on, but only for like 10-15 minutes, and at least it wasn't cold. I was laughing it rained so hard.

> watching Jack's soccer, he made an assist and actually sort of looked like he knew what he was doing

> hard brick workout again; warm with sun and no rain on tired wobbly legs, reminding me of all the good work I've done this weekend

> athletes logging in their workouts so I can see how they are getting faster!

> working on accommodations for our trip to Bend OR, in June....I Love Bend so much and could so live there. I am so excited for this trip to visit family in Portland and do some racing/training with a few days in Bend. Looking at the condos in Sunriver got me super excited for this trip.

Now I am sore, wearing compression socks, and not feeling so bad about being practical.

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Jennifer Harrison said...

yay Linds, glad you had a super training weekend solo..sometimes those are the best!! :))