Sunday, March 13, 2011


Recently I have been dramatically reminded how precious life is, and with that realize how much I take for granted. I whine sometimes, and stress and feel too busy to stop and smell the roses because I need to get X workout in, or X thing crossed off my list. I take the path of least resistance because it fits better, works more smoothly and gets done faster. I'm a perfectionist and want to be good at it all. I know I miss out on some of the really good stuff when I do this. Sometimes I feel like I skate through life.... 1 task to the next without appreciating all the good things. So on my flight home from my 2nd trip from Tucson in 2 weeks(LOL/ oh my!), I decided to think about how lucky I am and came up with this:

I have 2 incredible kids who keep getting more and more fun. Its not like they weren't fun at 3 and 4, it just keeps getting better. They make us laugh, they remind me of how we used to be, they keep us on our toes. Jack and Kaitlin are 8 now. Where has time gone. They are amazing kids.

I am a successful physical therapist in a sports medicine clinic. For so many years, this was my dream. I studied like a psycho triathlete trying to qualify for Kona to get into PT school, and then get out. Now I get to help people walk again, lift something overhead, or run again. I also get the privilege of helping triathletes, and runners achieve their dreams through coaching. TBC is an amazing company to work for. And having putting in the time, the combination of both gives me the opportunity to periodically take off for the sun and mtns and train.

After "Xty" some years in the sport of triathlon I still love to go out and swim, bike, run, do pull ups, push prowlers, race, and do cyclocross. Some days or weeks I like biking more than running, while at other times I the reverse is true. There have even been times I'm excited to go swim. I still love that at 43 I still have the motivation and drive to go out get fit and want to race.

I have an amazing family that is so supportive of all the "unconventional" things Adam and I do. I have amazing parents and in-laws who have always encouraged me to chase my dreams. My family spreads from Oregon, to Illinois, to Georgia, and a few places in between. 3 amazing brothers, and 3 amazing sis in laws!

I have so many incredible friends who share the same dreams, challenges, ups, downs and crazy life as me. Where would I be without my friends to fall back on!

Last but absolutely not least, I have an incredible husband, who continues to amaze me and and leaves my jaw dropped in all that he can accomplish with racing and growth of TBC for sure.... but also as a husband and father.

Of course there are many more things I feel lucky to have...but, what things are you lucky for?

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey there! Welcome back from Tucson again - HOW FUN!!!! and, yes, not an easy week in the Zucco household at all. :((( I am thankful for my friends, family and our health. Otherwise, I don't care...b/c w/o any of that I can't do the things we/I love!