Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning.......

I recently had a serious need for a detox diet from the self indulgences and over connection of triathlon life, which prompted a trip home to Oregon to the foothills of Mt. Hood to clean the mind, brain, lungs, muscles fibers, and even my TT bike Scotty P got a daily cleaning as every time I saddled up to ride. Every ride I did, though, I was covered in rain, mud, road slime, and pine needles requiring a serious clean job after each ride. I try to take good care of Scotty P.

Even though seriously drenched I loved riding through the hills and green forests. Riding from my parents puts you in Mt. Hood National Forest along the Clackamas River within about 3 miles.

I was in heaven... even completely soaked or being pelted by hail. Running under these conditions was a bit easier, and luckily the skies cleared for goal mile day and I nailed my best goal mile track workout ever leaving me pretty excited for things to come. And thanks to the North Clackamas Aquatic Park for such an awesome pool. They have entire 8 lane regulation size pool designated just for lap swimming with extremely convenient times and, wow, it coast 2.00 each time I went.! Imagine that, no kids with floaties or water aerobics classes to fight with! There is a separate pool for that. Why is it other cities seem to get the pool/ aquatic centers right? And Chicago and vicinity seems to just not get it?

Yes, I trained, but then totally tuned out. I read a lot and 1 book I read was Apollo Ohono’s, NO REGRETS. This was an incredibly inspiring book. Did you know he could leg press like 2000 lb!, and I loved hearing about the ways he challenged him self to deal with discomfort, even in daily life situations like standing in a long line at the store, or …this is my favorite: ...he would buy his favorite candy which I think was Nestle Crunch, and put in out in a bowl to tempt him as he walked by, but he would teach himself to deal with the discomfort and not indulge! How about that for discipline and focus. For me it would have to be chips and salsa sitting out.  I had a new appreciation for focus and discipline after reading this!

Race season is upon us. Many have toed the line and crossed the finish line already testing themselves in their early season form. This is a good chance to re-evaluate, re-assess and then move forward with the rest of the season. Following an early season race you still have time to do some “spring cleaning” on the entire training plan. What needs tweaked, added, cut out? Do I need more strength, less sugar or fat, more power, less brain clutter, more speed, less poopy pants ( remember I’m a mom), more focus etc. You get the idea. If you wait until mid summer to test the waters, even in training, then that leaves little room for changes and more work to be done.

My first race is less than 2 weeks away now, it is early! Ouch. And, yes I want to do well my first race of the season. I’ve been working hard trying to be prepared to race and see where I am. Maybe I should have read Apollo's book in Jan. though!

Spring is in the air; my landscapers have shown up to make our yard pretty since we can’t. Races are approaching. Are you in need of some spring cleaning? Are you even aware that some spring cleaning in your training plan might be needed. Can you show up to race with “No Regrets?”

Open the windows, shake out the rugs, spring is here. Time to race!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you went home for some great training and downtime!!!! Not sure where you are racing (NOLA?) -- but GOOD LUCK and your training has been super, MAKE IT YOUR DAY!