Monday, May 28, 2012


I’ve been putting in lots of hard work the past few weeks gearing up for Kansas 70.3I did some big solo training efforts while AZ was off racing TTT, then this weekend finished up with hosting our TBC training camp. Saturday was a huge triple brick day with 30 athletes of all levels venturing out to the far western edge of Chicagoland to experience an epic 4hr workout. So many great athletes were there which made for good work and good fun.

fun friends from the city, post workout

This year will be my 3rd time racing in KS and it is one of my favorite half IMs. Hills, heat, wind double transition, choppy lake swim, Vegas spots on the line…. shake and stir and your have an awesome race with a finish on the yellow brick road all of which have been motivating me to get after it.

Consistent hard work is what it takes to make the gains in fitness that will help you accomplish your goals, and leave you confident and ready to race. However, I sometimes find myself doubting if I’ve done enough, am pushing hard enough, or wonder if should I do more because I live with someone who can handle a load SO much larger than most. I catch myself feeling like a slacker, or sometimes questioning myself when I look at my own training. The facts are: 1. I respond better to quality, vs. massive quantity, and 2. I am not training for Ironman, nor do I want to! Besides the wko PMC chart that Scott shares with me periodically showing me the facts...gains in fitness, peak power, etc… I have my own evidence proving to myself I've been doing good work!

Those are:
1. large blister, and 1 dead toe nail about to fall off
2. the desire and actually following through with several ice baths

(lazy man's ice bath...another reason my neighbors think i'm strange)

3. craving for Coke…the real kind

(i don't even like soda that much)

4. some days I actually do crawl up the stairs

5. I resorted to the TM for my long run which included hard intervals because it was 97 deg out with 97 mph wind and I needed to be able to push the pace

6. no clean workout clothes in the drawers

7. my Garmin strap broke the day before my long run, so I taped it

(couldn't handle the sweat load)

In addition to all the training, and the camp, our kids participated in the local kid’s triathlon early Sun morning:

and we celebrated both Adam and Jack’s birthdays.

The outdoor pools are open now and after all of the above, we crashed here Mon afternoon!

soaking up some fastness!


Free said...

Mom is wondering about your profile pic....I think it's funny - so not like you.
Thought of you at gift shop when we saw some OZ ceramics. You would run and hide between the washer & dryer when the Wicked Witch of the West came on.

Damie said...

Love it!!! I don't know how you fit it all in, honestly! Good luck at the half. You will do great!!!