Thursday, May 17, 2012


My kids’ have these frogs that sit on the table beside my desk. I look up every now and then and have to tap the little tank to see if they still alive because they just floating still in the water..... hanging out..... just existing. Floating through existence can be either good or bad. At the end of a crazy work day, coordinating schedules and fitting in big workouts I feel like floating like this……

Usually I end up like this.....

floating up to my bed and crashing

I am a commuter to work now 3 days a week and on RARE occasions I actually float through traffic nailing the timing of each green light, avoiding the construction, or slow moving vehicles and everything just clicks and I arrive to work with enough time for more coffee!

Most of the time though, it is an effort and I wind up behind a semi with a wide load, or hit every red light and of course stopped by a train.

I love it when I am running (or biking or swimming) and it is one of those days where it all clicks. The form, the body’s state of fitness, is all in sync with the moon LOL and it just feels like you are floating with each stride and you look down at that last mile split and do a double take at the numbers staring back at you on the Garmin.

Or on the bike when you are effortlessly pushing big watts with no wasted energy and are just one with your bike. Even in the pool there are moments of efficiency when I grab the water and glide and rotate and hit the interval and it feels effortless.

Its not there every time and it often feels like work and it’s not effortless. Then there are the other times it is like I’m pulling lead through the water or hauling steel on the back of my bike or my feet are cemented to the pavement. To get those times where it feels like you are floating, you have to go through the times it feels like work….and you have to do the work. I was listening to Adam and Scott’s TBC podcast the other day….during my commute. (btw its way better than the radio) Adam was talking about the details..... ALL OF THEM to get to the next level. To get there, you have to address all the details…....consistently. Not just the week of a race or during recovery weeks, or when its convenient and not just when you feel good. Nutrition, stretching, getting good sleep, and doing the workouts will give you more of those workouts where it is like floating….effortless.
Can I address ALL the details…consitently? Nope. But I go through good phases and I do have some of those effortless workouts or races every now and then which keeps me coming back for more.

To get the results you want, you can’t float through existence and expect good things to come your way in the form of kick ass workouts, PR races.... or anything in life really. Address all the details and float through the good workouts and races!

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