Thursday, July 12, 2012

50 Shades of My Triathlon Life....

It’s true; I am reading the trashy novel, 50 Shades of Grey. I am getting through it at a moderate zone 3 effort, where many of my friends, and co workers have raced through in zone 5. Not that I don’t think the book is worthy of a zone 5 effort, I’m just pacing myself since I've been fitting a little more swim bike and running in amongst work and kids summer activities leaving less time for sitting still to read. It gets a bit crazy but the goal is Vegas!

When I finally do sit down to read it at night, I find it disturbing, yet interesting and juicy, but most of the time 50 shades of my life catch up to me and I crash after about 1 or 2 chapters. This is a PR however, because most of the time I get through only 2-3 pages of a book at night. 50 shades of my life during the heart of triathlon season are why I haven’t gotten through it as fast as my friends. However, I am close to the finish line of book 1, and purchased book 2 today; 50 Shades of Darker. Should I be afraid of 50 Shades Darker?

girls night= plenty of 50 shades secrets shared

Some examples of my 50 Shades of Triathlon Life during the middle of race season!

1. The dishwasher runs non stop mainly due to the fact that is full of water bottles coated with Infinit, Coke, Gatorade and what ever other sugar coated liquid comes to the rescue

2. The washing machine also runs non stop filled with spandex, and all that spandex rarely makes its way back into the drawer when clean

3. The entire house has become a triathlon oasis…. of gear….. shoes, bike parts and tools, race and or recovery nutrition, usb cords, garmins power tap and IPod cords all rest comfortably throughout the entire house. No room left untouched.

4. My flowers and plants (RIP) have died and become part of the earth because I relied to heavily no mother nature to take care of them vs. myself and I can’t remember when it rained last

5. yoga starts to sound very appealing because my body feels twisted

6. My toe nails turn black then fall off, I’m on number 4.

7. My car looks like I live in it with swim bags, towels, wet suits, running gear from lunch, change of clothes to meet up after work, and water bottles from a workout that haven’t made it to the dishwasher.

8. The foam roller, stick, Trigger Point pieces, and my favorite the baseball just remain on the family room floor. Not just as a reminder to use them, but I’ve gotten tired of continually putting them away

9. I begin stalking Peapod. com because I think grocery shopping is a completely inefficient chore and we can't keep food in the house

10. UPS guy stops by our house frequently with more awesome KSWISS, Cliff Bar, Infinit, WattieInk, and Betty Designs gear!!

A pair of Kswiss for all the right moments!

Multiply it all by 5, (because trust me there is more!!!)= 50 shades of my triathlon life.


Anonymous said...

will there be a number 4

Anonymous said...

will there be a number 4

CoachFreeb said...

An Elburn tri Oasis....well, has to be somewhere. Why not there? Kade's 13, the clock is ticking ever faster. Love you.