Monday, July 2, 2012


Its been back to work for me since Kansas. So this is kind of short and sweet. It seemed to take a while longer than normal to recover this time after Kansas, but I did jump into Big Foot Tri and felt mucky like mud through the whole race. I managed to sneak out and AG win but not with impressive times. Big Foot is a fun race and I love the hard rugged trail run, but really the highlight of the weekend for me was SUP!!!


I had to climb on from a dock/ then I stood up and never fell in!

I have done this several times in Kona and luv it. Can't wait for more this Oct.! We did a little SUP up near Lake Geneva after the pre race brick! I’d get my own board and get into this more but………wait there is nothing but cornfields close to me, and sorry I will pass on the Fox River. I will save it for my fun adventures out of the Midwest.

Because Big Foot felt like mud and I have been racing a lot, I told Scott I needed to get back to work. For the rest of the season I really only care about Vegas. Last year my goal was to get there and do well. This year my goal was to go back and place higher in the AG. I am signed up for Racine but am not sure if I will do it. Right now doing some solid work for Vegas seems like what is needed and may be even heading to the desert to train on the Vegas course. So some tweaks to the training plan and there’s been little more volume than whats normal for me… Its challenging because I’d rather go hard, and fast then be done.

pit stop

Scotty taking a breather

And speaking of work…...just watch those Olympic athletes!!!.. Its been dreamy having Olympic swim trials on (speedos) and the start of the Tour (bike kits), on tv! Oh, and I guess I also love seeing athletes step up to compete for something they have worked hard and dedicated so much work and energy to for year. Amazing and inspiring!

Back to work....!

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