Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bienvenidas Mexico!

I have been to New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, and all around the US, but never to Mexico. So a late fall trip to Mexico to spectate and support another Ironman, didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Call it intuition, but I before even leaving the country I wasn’t having good feelings about the the trip at all for quite a number of reasons….. but how could I complain…it’s a trip to Mexico in November! So I focusing on the sun, beaches, Mexican food and 3 days post race with a husband finally not training for the next thing which would be waiting for me.

Thanksgiving day we flew to Cancun and took a choppy ferry ride over to Cozumel and while it was essentially a 3.5 hr flight….it felt as long as flying to Kona by the time we got to the resort and sat down to eat real food. There were a number of challenging portions to our trip, including sickness and race dynamics to name a few..... I’ll just share the fun positives of spending a week in Mexico! and leave the negatives back in the jungles of Isa de Cozumel.

I got to swim in warm Caribbean water, then chill beachside!
Beautiful Sunsets

Warm sunny tropical runs; I got in a number of good run miles on the island and it feels good to see those run times coming down again!!! I have signed up for 1 race so for and that is Georgia 1/2 marathon March 17. I am so excited to race again, I have spent the last part of this season cheering everyone else on, I'm looking forward to making it to the start line again!

Catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a while… was so fun to catch up with our friend Cesar Valera from Venezuala, who was a home stay with us last summer; plus he helped us out in the stores and restaraunts  with the locals

Killer margaritas while spectating with girlfriends made the 6 mile walk to the finish way more tolerable… yes we had  a bit of a spectator epic fail, or bad race organization but fter sitting 30 min in a taxi going nowhere because of traffic back up we opted to walk the 6 miles to the finish. It was  our mission  to make it to the run course by the time Adam started the run! We made it with about 20 minutes to spare!

best seat in the house

My fav for the trip though was...
Hanging out on a remote beach the day after the race with friends; we were serenaded by the mariachi guy, ordered the freshest guacamole, salsa and chips along with cerveza and margaritas pretty much made the trip!

beach side entertainment

best way to recover, beachtime

I got sick the night before leaving to come home and felt like the walking dead for the next 2 days at work, walking around in a stupor with no voice and trying to catch up and get in the Christmas groove all at the same time

me Thursday at work

 I rallied in to time to put a stamp on the 2012 race season at the Multisportmadness Year end party with an 80s theme!  Fun night with friends, great 80 s costumes and dancing! We celebrated like we train and race! My legs were sore the next day from dancing!

Sue's Flashdance pose

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