Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ring in the New...Hello 2013!

Good bye 2012, you were good to me with a new job, great trips to St Croix, Vegas, Tuscon, Kona, Cozumel, some great race results, and many new friends and teammates. I really have no complaints with you other than the nasty hip injury that kept me on the sidelines more than I like. I’m going to make sure 2013 doesn’t do that to me, because I like to race. But I’m done with you 2012, its time to break up. No hard feelings though, I am just ready for a new start. I am hooking up with 2013 now.

2013 can give me what you can’t. I get bored often and like to change it up so I’m ready to start over with some new goals and adventurers.

welccome 2013!

With 2013 I have:

* a new race schedule , new races I’ve never done, some new goals and a new age group to go with that ( not saying which one because I don’t feel that old)

*More new friends and teammates as I get to race for WattieInk for a second year, and with that comes great sponsors like Kswiss, Blue seventy, Power Bar, Fuelbelt,  Kask,  ISM, plus a fancy new race kit:

*New challenges like balancing training with working more hours.  I’ve had to become a regular at working out at the crack of early to fit it all in. Once you get used to it, it’s not that bad but there are times I walk around like the zombies in walking dead, which Adam and I have gotten hooked on.
So professional...

*More fun travel with new adventures in familiar spots like Tuscon, Vegas, Georgia hopefully Kona again (no pressure…A. Z.!), and new places still to be determined

*Some very exciting and fun new clients I am coaching; can’t wait to see what 2013 brings them

*Because I get bored, I always like to give my blog a wardrobe change at the start of a new year, still working on  udating this one

With the end of 2012, I have been working a lot. I didn’t take any days off and have been doing the holidays while working a ton. I can’t say that is the most enjoyable way to experience Christmas but I have still managed to have a lot of fun. I have been training, mostly running a lot. We discovered some new trails not too far from our house (crazy we’ve lived in our house almost 8 years and never new these trails were there) and running with some new scenery makes the cold a little more fun. Now its time to gut the house of all the sugar, garbage food, and Christmas decorations and welcome in 2013.

snowy trail runs!
fun Nike's tying me over until more KSwiss arrives!

Happy New year to all my amazing family, friends and teammates!

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