Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shiny New 2014

I've been hibernating. I got so cold and frozen at the end of cyclocross season I buried myself in a hole and tried to defrost.

Racing bikes in snow...
......and 10 degrees

But 2014 is here, and its time for new start, a fresh makeover for 2014 with new goals and roads to ride and paths to run. Usually by now I have a race schedule set, goals for the season and have signed up for several big races. Right now I am flying by the seat of my pants,  still don't have a race schedule, and am not sure of what events, distance race etc I want to focus on. I'm tossing a few ideas around that include  a few triathlons, maybe an xterra, some bike racing, of course cyclocross,  but lots of running,  maybe even an open marathon such as maybe PORTLAND MARATHON ...something I've never done. Change of focus is good, mixing it up is good,  otherwise I think its easy to become stagnant.  

A new and exciting change for 2014 is being part of team Betty. I am more than thankful and thrilled to "be a Betty in 2014". What an amazing opportunity to race and train along so many fabulous women from across the world, not to mention wear super hot training and racing gear. So this year I have the privilege of pushing myself to new limits, sweating, getting dirty while looking good along the way (or at least really trying) Santa delivered a big box full of Betty gear.

 What huge motivation to get moving again.

I also updated the look of my blog, to make it shiny and new with a little bit of Betty style.  Im a physical therapist, not a web designer so it still needs some perfecting, so stay tuned for some updates and BETTY discounts in the New Year! 

 Until then, cheers to a shiny new 2014!

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Damie said...

Congrats friend- enjoy the year!!!