Sunday, February 2, 2014

surviving the polar vortex

For us midwesterners we have fallen into a frozen pit formed by the polar vortex that has taken over winter. It has been continuous cycles of snow followed by sub zero Arctic temperatures cold enough to close schools and businesses (of course not physical therapy departments)  I have shoveled more in a weeks time than I did all last winter. This kind of cold makes me want to stay home under the covers, run away and hide from it, and not face  uncomfortable things I don't like about it.  Instead,  I have tried to put my best foot (with a warm boot on) forward and stare it in the eye and embrace it (with a lot of layers on) and deal with the problems it brings. Here are a few ways I've been facing the polar vortex:

1. Painted the small powder room in the house> 3x to get the color right, now its perfect

2. Drive through Starbucks at lunch for hot coffee,  hot chocolate or hot cider, of which I only drink 1/2 of because it gets cold, I should probably start saving that money for a warm trip somewhere

3. Bundling up and running with friends>the Betty skull cap is so warm except now it is MIA, so I'll have to go on a Betty shopping spree

4. I made my muscles burn by starting up strength again; I went to cross fit once and started  going back to my long time personal trainer, Mark 

5. Signed up for a race to motivate me, the Get Lucky 1/2 marathon in March  is on the books! Time to get running faster to warm up 

6. Long visits with great friends with a glass of wine by the fire

7. Turn shoveling into a workout> that's one way to put muscles back on the arms

8. Have seen some previews of  the new Betty Designs swimsuits coming out in the spring and they are HOT!,  that's motivation to get moving

I feel so lucky to have so many amazing friends in all my walks of life! Great friends will always help you warm up.  Working with the Betty team has also been a very exciting start to the year and I am happy to share some of the fun gear with you. Email me directly at if you are interested in some bad ass but beautiful gear. 


CoachFreeb said...

It's even spilling over the mountains and chilling us down into the teens - very unusual. We need to push it all back up in Canada where it belongs. I will need a new swim suit but . . .

Damie said...

excited for your year to come! enjoy!!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Of course! Who doesn't like the Betty stuff? :) It is cute. Looking forward to a great 2014!