Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis The Season!

Tis The Season, for so much fun, celebration and shift in gears! I've been having fun with all of the above!

I have always been a holiday freak, and this year I haven't been holding back on the fun and celebration of the season. My house is looking festive inside and out!  Im sure I just make more work for myself, but its worth it! 

Inside …

And out….

Tis the season for, 

* more coffee than usual throughout the day to stay warm, and awake

Starbucks at Lunch
Iowa City, Jingle Cross  morning = winner

* for more sand and mud in cyclocross than the rest of CX season

I love riding the sand now!

* for Montrose, and the end of CX  and missing seeing  my CX friends every week,  until next year!
Montose, end of an amazing CX season
Check out amazing pictures of all kinds at AliEngin photography

* for amazing weekends showing friends from out of town the city for the first time

Smiling at the Bean !!!

* for a new season and a new adventures 

So excited for another year with @BettyDesigns

* for focusing on weaknesses, and working on them, to achieve your goals….

McKenzie Altmayer

I had the pleasure of working with Geneva High School running superstar McKenzie Altmayer in our SEP  (sports enhancement program) at work. She came to me twice last school year as an injured runner. She was committed to her running goals and signed up to get stronger through the summer (her off season) to become stronger, and more efficient, so she could run faster and stay injury free. She showed up for the SEP sessions through the summer following her off season running practices. Tired, sore and probably like most high school girls some days wishing she was sleeping, shopping or being a girl….she came in worked hard, …..and got stronger all summer. We made significant improvements in her strength, and run form. I said good bye to her at the end of summer when cross country season was starting. Several months later I was thrilled to see she met the goals she set of running a low 17 in high school CC meet, making All -state,  and  staying injury free all season! She is already back in the SEP program , working on becoming stronger for next year!

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