Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting it done!

There are lots of ways to Get it done!

I coach 2 big time ER docs and 1 big time Cardiac surgeon,plus am friends with another ER doc, and of course they are training for 1/2 IMs or IMs, not sprints or olympics! I am ALWAYS amazed at how these guys get their workouts in. Talk about dedication. They have absolutely in-sane schedules and still manage to get the job done. Recently one of them logged in that he managed to fit his run workout in, between 2 surgical cases, even saw the lifeflight landing just as he was finishing up! Now that is time management and getting it done!

This past weekend our friend and athlete Andy W. ran 3:01 at the St. Louis marathon, now that is "gettin er done and fast!"

Kansas won the NCAA champs in the OT, that is gettin it done when it counts under the gun! ( I am not a huge basketball fan, but did play back in the day. I know my friend Brad and former training buddy is loving it as he used to play for them!!!)

My coach Eric had track workout on my schedule, HOORAY. I've been waiting, and of course it was windy and rainy today, but I went and was even suprised with some of the splits so early in the year and on a crap day...I got it done!! :)

Today my tri class did their first "brick workout" for some of them it was their first time ever running off the bike, that is such a lovely feeling; way to go get it done!

This weekend my client Megan M. is off to race IM AZ. She has rocked her workouts and gotten so strong. She'll be gettin it done Arizona style in the heat this weekend.

Good Luck to all the MULTISPORTMADNESS friends and training buddies, go get it done!

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