Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a Contrast

I am not the greatest with the camera, but here are a couple pics from the end of the Tuscon camp of those who raced IM AZ this weekend. Congrats to Danny, Carla, and Yuri, and all others (sorry I don't have pics of everyone!) Also I have to say I am so proud of my awesome husband for doing his physical therapy and actually resting his achilles so it can heal. It was hard for him to not race, but in the end he has a tendon that is just about pain free.

As many of my friends, husband and Multisportmadness members headed off to Tempe for their Ironman, I stayed home to train knowing the weather would be Februaryish. Adam had decided last minute to still go down despite not racing, and would cheer and support all our friends and clients. I had not taken the time off work so was cheering for everyone from the comfort of home and the computer.

Friday's contrast started with riding outside. When I started it was still 60 deg. but the front was coming through and the wind was swirling and gusting from all directions. The wind would blow 1 way and I'd be too warm (did I actually over dress?), then it would blow the other way and it would be freezing! I have to say, I was literally riding my bike sideways at times! I just kept saying if its ever like this in a race, I'll be ready! It finally did start raining and I finished my ride up indoors on the trainer. Totally different parked on the trainer vs. fighting the wind.

Sunday when they were getting ready to start their long day in the sun, I was getting ready to race a 5k. It was literally spitting snow in my face and the wind was blowing like mad as usual from the north. What a contrast, that it could be so cold and windy here, and somewhere else it was actually heating up to 95 degrees. I think I forgot what that feels like to be hot when training or racing. I love racing 5ks. They are fast and hurt a lot; you get to go hard as you can and its done. It was fun and an awesome workout despite the cold. What a contrast from what my friends were doing in the southwest. An IM is a long day of racing, and pacing, and for these guys nice and HOT, something they weren't used too with so much indoor training and cold weather running! Great work everyone!

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