Sunday, April 20, 2008

Race Fever!!!

Wildflower 2006, 1 of the hottest, toughest and most fun races!

Race fever!

I have it, some of my athletes have it!!

I'm a little fired up, I had 2 athletes do awesome this weekend at Ultramax Max Trac duathlon in Missouri after a tough winter of training and overcoming many obstacles.
Congratulations to Diana. She was first in her age group and is a breast cancer survivor. She has worked so hard to come back from her illness. Way to go girl!!!! I can't say enough about such a cool lady who is an anesthesiologist who has overcome this!! Also, congratulations to Tonya who also won her age group, after battling achilles tendonitis much of last season and following sinus surgery this spring. Way to go ladies you rock!

I have race fever because race season is descending upon us!!!!!
I am doing an Ironman this year. Doing an Ironman doesn't lend itself to a lot of racing, which is why I don't do an IM year after year after year, because I love to race. This year I have fewer races than normal on my schedule, and lots of training. With that though, comes lots of tough training and hard workouts. This week I had group ride Tues. Uuuugh, this is often harder than a race, but I love it. Tues night is TOUGH, (really any time you show up it is game on!!!, you have to be prepared for anything!) I was nervous just like a race to do it, but I love it. Did I feel crazy being the only girl that day, and on a tri bike(my road bike is still in Tuscon and the tri bike has the SRM and yes I want to how crazy the power file can look from a group ride)Yes, I felt a little out of place, but it was worth it for some hard fast riding. Thurs was track workout, and more hard work and chances to test the training!

Train Safe, get ready to race!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Linds!
Are you doing Wildflower?? Oh I know you love that race!! If so, good luck! Jen H. :)