Thursday, July 17, 2008

Date Night

I requested a date night with my husband. !! I am easy to please, just a dinner out. One where I don't have to show up with my hair wet, in a pony tail and goggle marks on my face, one where there isn't mac n cheese, and stories can be told with interruptions of "mom or daddy", and where the credit card doesn't have to be handed to the waiter before we ever see the bill because we are in a hurry. I even blew dry my hair and wore a sun dress! What a concept!

This is such a busy time of year for us. We are both coaching a lot of really great athletes and put a lot of work into helping them, Adam is coaching a lot of practices with the Multisportmadness kids team, and Cosport seems to have exploded. Did everyone decide to get hurt or have surgery this summer? My schedule has been packed at work. This on top of taking care of the kids and house, oh yea and TRAIN! There is one in the house doing Kona, and one aiming high at Steelhead and Nationals. Needless to say there is a lot of coming and going and this weekend is no exception. It will be a wild weekend of racing and coaching and supporting sooo.....I needed my date night to feel sort of like a normal adult and to hang with my hubby before the wild weekend.

There is so much good racing going on I have athletes doing their first IM in Lake Placid, ohhh so nervous but so exciting to cross that line the first time! several athletes doing Racine, and 1 doing Evergreen. I myself am doing Evergreen and am excited to see where some solid weeks of training has left me with my new focus. So, Fri after helping with a client with a bike fit at the Bike Shop, I will head down to Bloomington to race in the hot windy cornfields. I have not done this race but here good things about it and am VERY excited to race after doing some good hard weeks of training. Then after the race I will bolt home, re-pack and head up to Racine. Racine has become like a Multisportmadness-fest! I think Danny is letting like 20 people shack up at his lake house. To top it off I'll be doing a relay! Yea, the 3 40 yr olds are doing a relay (not sure of our team name ha! but/ Carla swimming, I'll be biking and Debbie running. I hesitated at first, a relay? come on Linds., but this will make a nice hard 56 mile TT workout the day after racing and good prep for Steelhead. Plus, it will be fun to see everyone racing!!!!

So hooray for date night and acting like a normal adult for 1 evening.

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