Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th and a win!

After a week of Tri-Disney where workouts were on the sparse side, I am in a big training week with lots of quality workouts. Just how I like it. It included a Freedom 4th, 10k run race today.

Early in the week my awesome husband (and coach, decided to motorpace me on the bike. He was excited to ride the scooter and make me suffer a little. This was our first go at this and it consisted of me on by bike at threshold for 90 min., just hanging on behind the scooter after doing some hill repeats. It took few tries to get the pace right and getting dropped (a scooter can accelerate a lot faster than a bike!)Adam had fun accelerating and watching my eyes bulge and tongue hang to try and hang on. Then off the bike to a fast tempo run. I have to say this was tougher than I expected. You end up pushing a bigger gear at a higher cadence because you are going fast which quickly cooks your legs. Now I keep getting asked when I am going to get my motorcycle license. Can you see me now? at the DMV with the Harley chicks trying to drive this thing around the cones!!!

Thurs I did group ride again and managed to avoid a crash right in front of me. A few guys were really trying to go off the front and 1 caught an edge and went down..thankfully he was ok and jumped back on and kept riding. It was a tougher ride because of some wind, but I made the whole ride and finished up with an easy transition run. There is an argument in our house that wind on the group ride should make it easier for the back of the field, because it slows down the fastest. My argument is no, if you get caught outside the draft in the is way harder to bridge or stay on, and same goes if you take some pulls. Plus smaller people get blown around more in the wind. If I knew how to do the "poll" thing on here I would take a poll on this one.

So today was the 10k. I haven't run an open 10k a very long time. I wasn't sure how I would feel after some tough workouts, but I am a pure triathlete and we run on tired legs, right? It was a really nicely organized race and a perfect morning. The course was, very hilly with lots of rollers and big climb at mile 4. It also had tons of turns which let me practice running tangents, something I am not the best at. I ran hard, ignored the burning legs and finished with a 43:30, and 1st female which scored me a little $$$. Sometimes these local run races have great prizes !!!! Overall a good effort and it feels good to be getting some spark going in the legs again.

I've been glued to the Olympic Trials, swimming. Very all American! and how about Dara Torres making the Olympic team at 40!

Happy 4th of July

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ccordogan said...

Bravo Lindsay! Hurrah!

And...yes, I can see you hobnobbing with the Harley chicks and without a blink!
There will be more 40+ years young woman making the olympic team yet to we brake the mental barriers as well as the physical ones...