Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whats in Your purse?

I am not much of a purse person. I don't really like purses. I like backpacks and some bags, but do end up carrying a purse, because somehow I manage to have a lot of STUFF. This one is cute and kind of surfer girlish. But on the inside, beware. Through the course of a crazy summer of triathlon and work (our busiest season), things get out of control. I won't mention what my closets, garage, drawers and cupboards are like. I have learned to let it go (its hard!!!!) and know it will all be waiting for me when the season ends when I can re-organize. But my purse, yikes. It also has accumulated a lot of strange things with all the coming and going. I noticed it was getting kind of heavy, so I dug in deep to see what was in there!

Here are just some of what has ended up in my bag this summer.

1. Part of a rear bottle cage that needed to go back to The Bike shop to get fixed or replaced. It broke off Adam's bike.

2. A wireless bike computer.

3. 2 of few of those small rubber bouncy balls that come out of the gum ball machines. (taken away from kids bouncing them at the table while eating pizza)

4. A Kane county cougars baseball schedule, (always trying to find a home game to take the kids to when we are actually home)

5. Numerous receipts...shoved in the purse while trying to get out of the store quickly.

6. Several packages of GU. You never know when you might bonk! Ha! just kidding, but they are there. In my attempt to be "green" I opted for no bag when I purchased them when I had run out of my box.

7. A bottle of Aleve.

8. Of course the usual, receipts, lip gloss, pens, change and wallet and cell phone.

And what is with these receipts? You practically get a tree's worth of paper with one purchase. And when you eat out, you get like 3 separate receipts. I don't like throwing them out, thinking someone will steal my identity, so they accumulate.

How do guys manage with just a wallet?
Or am I just better prepared for anything?
And how about cars? What if I said whats in your car?
I won't even go there.

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carmen said...

Oh...that is a cool bag...:)
and the contents make me think of Mary Poppins! A familiar scene though...The things you can put inside of a bag...or "The Cat and the Hat..." the way...For activity page from Dr. Seuss..