Friday, November 7, 2008

Bring It!

Yes, its time.

Time to bring it.

Time to step up to the plate and show them what you've got. Time to strut your stuff and show them your big sassy self. Its time to bring out the smoking guns and get all fired up so that steam is coming out of your ears and eyeballs. You'll need it. No more fluff, or pussy footing, no more cruising through when its easy.

Put on the big girl pants, saddle up sister because this is when it counts. If you can do this you can do anything.

No, I'm not talking about an upcoming "A" race (no siree not even close).

I'm not referring to the next big workout on the schedule, or politics, or the Bears game Sunday, or a job interview. No, I'm not referring to the upcoming holiday season, although all of the above may apply.

I'm referring to Chicagoland triathlon training from Nov. to May. Its time. Its here. We were privileged to have a few extra weeks of 70 deg. days. They were spectacular. But, it is so easy to go out and train in those perfect days. The true training comes when you have to dig deep. Dig deep to put on all the layers. It takes time to get all that on to go out to run or bike; it needs factored into the workout! You have to dig deep to head out in the dark, and climb on the trainer once again. Yes, training this time of year makes you tough. Its here, so go find your game face and bring it!


Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! I was JUST thinking about this all when I was spending 2.15 on my computrainer today!!!!! OH yes, sireee! :) Jen H.

CoachFreeb said...

A bit testy we are.

It will be good to see you shortly. BIG rain in WA today, but when I got back to PDX . . . sunny and 65.


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