Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning we headed to do the annual Naperville Turkey Trot. For some reason I LOVE doing this silly 5k. I always have fun doing it and look forward to it no matter what kind of run shape I am in. It has gotten so big and is pretty crowded, but I love going and seeing old friends and doing a nice run on Thanksgiving morning makes you feel a little better about all the indulging at the dinner table later in the day.

I have done this race in 45 deg and shorts, and 0 degrees bundled up. This year the weather was decent. A little cold but no wind (miracle), and thankfully didn't feel the need to wait around in the gym that was so packed. My running has been coming back to me, little by little. I haven't been running gigantic workouts but but pretty steady. I have really been enjoying the fall with some good runs and not tons of hours of training. I felt great, stronger, not speedy and nice to see a chunk of time come off.

Thanks to the Clay family for sharing Jessica. Jessica Clay is a MSM kids team member who is recovering from an injury and couldn't run. She watched Jack for me so I could run. They were great cheerleaders!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes! I love that Turkey Trot! Glad you had a good race/fun! Hope your grandma is doing ok.