Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back

This is the weekend when the clocks go back an hour, and its good because we get that extra hour of sleep. But with young kids and a dog in the house, they are still up at the regular time and that extra hour will most likely get put towards folding and putting away laundry. Next year I should plan ahead and book that extra hour getting a massage or some type of spa service. Or, if I were smart I'd use that extra hour to start Christmas shopping, but I always start that in Dec. and do just fine. I won't even go into the discussion of what else comes with the fall back of the clock. Which is the more positive way to say it more darkness, or less daylight. Enough said..

We had Halloween to the max at our house. Hours of trick or treating including the dog with a costume. Jack actually bonked by the end and was found lying in the grass at the neighbors house. The kids were amazing. They actually ran, rather sprinted at their LT from house to house! Eventually, their buckets became so heavy, that they were dragging them. Now we have way too much candy in the house. It will never get eaten by the time all the Christmas candy comes out. I'll end up having to take some into to work to get rid of it.

Recently I have started getting back into training some. After 6 solid weeks off, and doing next to nothing except for maybe a few "jogs"...I returned to working out with a schedule and a purpose. It was a good mental break, physical one too which I really needed. During that down time I actually got motivated, and figured out a few things that I want to accomplish next summer and how to balance it with being mom, physical therapist, coach and iron wife. I feel good about it and I even have a new coach. He is Craig McKenzie PRO triathlete from AUS. I am looking forward to new workouts and some new types of training the way the Aussie's do. I think change is good. Its good to mix it up try new things and keeps things interesting. My schedule has mostly been run focused with a few swims and bikes. Thanks to Keith and the MSM kids team I went from 0 -- to 4000 in 1 swim practice and walked like a gorilla for a day, and thanks to the warm weather haven't had to be on the trainer, something I am trying to avoid until the absolute end. I am all about 60 degree days in November!


CoachFreeb said...

Having a Goal, A Plan and a Purpose is great . . . Just remember where the squat cage and power clean platform are, RIGHT?


Jennifer Harrison said...

HAHA...I love your dad's comments. Classic Mr. Yore! Ok...welcome back to some training - I am trying to get back too a bit....are you doing TRIs then? YEAH on your new coach - that is always FUN !!! :) Jen H.

chriscolburn said...

Keith's been spending some time with us at Marmion while Delnor's out of commission.... come swim with us one morning! More info's available at

Coach Chris