Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off season???

I started an an awesome post about off season, but it seems to be everyone's favorite topic. I know it will be discussed in a soon to be released TBC podcast. I have a behind the scenes preview! BTW, Have you checked these out yet? You can hear me talk about spectating/supporting in Kona (Yea I still get the chills), and a little bit about what's lacking in triathletes, what it takes to get there, and of course cyclocross. Find it on Itunes or facebook, its free!

So I'll let my post on off season die with the exception of a few bullet points:

*keep moving, do something

*do something different.....if you want to get faster or make some improvements, you HAVE to change it up; season after season of moving in the same way at the same pace will keep you....right where you are; are you happy with that?

*address your weaknesses

I was asked to write a race report for the CCC series race #6/ ABD Sunrise Park for the Chicago Women's Bike Racing Blog. You can read it below.... or check out www.cwbr.blogspot.com. and this is how I love spending my triathlon off season, and my cyclocross in season!

ABD Sunrise Park, Oct23 2011
By Lindsay Zucco

Sunrise Park lived up to its name providing an amazing day with the bright sun and perfect temps. Just like the many 180 degree turns throughout the course the conditions were a complete 180 from last week’s Carpenter’s Cross Mudfest. While the mud is fun, it was nice to have the sun, some dry conditions, and no need for bike scrubbing post race. The just over 2 mile course is the longest in the series with a great mix of obstacles to put you to the test including the challenging 6 pack of barriers, heckle hill, wood chips and uphill sections out of turns.

Women’s 123 welcomed newly upgraded Kim Brokhof/ Spidermonkey to the start line along with Holly Klug/Pony Shop making her come back post baby. I had to laugh at her comments about timing nursing with racing. Even though it’s been a few years for me, I myself have experienced a swelling chest near a start line. At least in cyclocross you don’t have to run much! There were 20 racers at the start and I have to say it is so much better having more girls in the field this year. With more girls on the course there are more people to chase, or to hold off, which can elevate you to the next level and make you stronger in the end. I have never been one to shy away from competition and think racing against the best will only make you faster.

After an absolutely horrible start I found myself not in a good position through the tight turns at the start of the race and was hung up behind the main field making it difficult to pass. This always frustrates me, but I tried to relax knowing there were plenty of sections to make a move. The front girls took off incredibly fast and my CX legs are still making their come back from a summer of ½ Ironman racing, but once I hit the woods and I finally felt like my legs were with me and I was able to move up a few places. I could still see a few of the front girls which motivated me to put my head down and dig. I caught a few more going through the barriers. By the time I worked my way around back to the start I could taste blood in my lungs, and saw we still had 3 laps to go. Wow. I thought ouch, but at the same time was glad because I could see a few at the front starting to fade and I was just starting to feel good. I eventually caught Ellie Blick who always has great starts and could next see I was gaining on Holly. Every spot I could, I surged to make up some ground. She kept getting closer and closer a few times I even got on her wheel, but it became obvious to me how well she can handle the turns and I still slow down too much. All the hard efforts I used to get closer would get erased in the corners and I simply couldn’t get the job done. Through much of the 2nd and 3rd laps I could still see Ellie and Lindsay Knight battling back and forth behind me. I was a little worried all my hard surges might come back to haunt me and one of them would catch me in the end, but in the last stretch through the uphill turns, the 180 into the woods and around heckle hill I dug as hard as I could and finished 8th for the day and in the prize money which makes 8th seem a little more tolerable.

Congratulations to all the W 123 racers, and to the podium for the day:
Sam Schneider 1st, Kim Brokhof 2nd (wow what a debut) and Mia Moore 3rd. Thanks to ABD for putting on an amazing course. Up next: Campton Cross, my home course! Bring your Halloween costumes and candy !


CoachFreeb said...

There can be no off season for those that participate in an inseason. You either do or do not.

Jennifer Harrison said...

KEEP having a blast at CX! I enjoy reading the updates! One fall I will do CX again! :))

PS thanks for your help with my achilles in September - it is doing MUCH better and all is pretty good! :))